May 2017 Featured Brand: Real Techniques

Real Techniques
The Canadian Beauty Bloggers are connecting with their roots this May and taking a look at one of the original YouTuber derived beauty brands: Real Techniques. This British brand was started by Sam and Nic Chapman of the YouTube channel Pixiwoo which now has over 2.1 million subscribers from around the world. As children with legendary makeup artists in the family, both Sam and her sister Nic Chapman went into the beauty industry to make a name for themselves. In 2010, Sam began creating videos starting with simple makeup tutorials and as it grew, Nic joined the channel. In 2011, when YouTube was just starting to grow into the massive network that it is now, the sister duo launched a collection of makeup tools under their own brand: Real Techniques.

These affordable brushes were an instant hit and the brand grew. Over 5 years later are still making a name for themselves with products like the Real Techniques Miricle Complexion Sponge or the award-winning Real Techniques Blush Brush. With stunning new collections and the high-quality performance, these brushes have become a staple for the Canadian Beauty Bloggers.

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April 2017 Featured Brand: theBalm Cosmetics

theBalm Cosmetics
Perhaps they are best known for the Manizer sisters, but theBalm Cosmetics have created a name for themselves over the past 13 years for their quality powders and products. Marissa Shipman, the creator of TheBalm Cosmetics, had a goal as she flipped through the pages of her books on how to make make-up: to create multi-use, quick and easy products for women (or men) on the go.

Never compromising quality, theBalm is paraben-free and cruelty-free, with talc-free shadows and blushes. The packaging is just as good as the product with vintage looking prints of comic-like characters. The brand is almost just as known for their packaging as the product inside. With stand-out Matt(e)s, the gorgeous LouManizers, and plenty of Nudes, theBalm was an easy choice for the Canadian Beauty Bloggers brand of the month.

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March 2017 Featured Brand: Make Up For Ever

make up for ever
Make Up For Ever is a brand known for its creativity and colour, so it is no surprise that it was created by a passionate Parisian make-up artist who began her career doing body paintings in theatre. Dany Sanz, a teacher and the creator behind Make Up For Ever, began to create a line of cosmetics address the needs not just make-up artists like her, but women everywhere.

At the time, there was not a lot of variety in the make-up being sold. She had dreamt of a place where people could find whatever they needed for their artistry, with a professional quality and performance. Her and her team began to create products such as glitters, lipstick palettes, and pigments that slowly gained popularity among the make-up artists everywhere, and soon made its way into the hands of people across the world due to its recognition in the professional field. To this day, Make Up For Ever is a staple in the beauty industry with hundreds of unique, high quality products.

From its humble beginnings at a single boutique in France to being sold globally through the Sephora network, the brand and Dany herself have come a long way. The innovation and success of the brand are just a few of the reasons that Make Up For Ever has been chosen as the Canadian Beauty Bloggers’ brand of the month.

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January 2017 Featured Brand: Urban Decay

Founded in Newport Beach, California, Urban Decay‘s philosophy of edgy beauty with a cruelty free edge has been very popular with the CBB crowd. Lately the Vice Lipsticks have been gathering attention and the recent opening of flagship stores around Canada has increased the public’s awareness of the brand. Not only does the brand take a stance against animal testing but it also has initiatives to empower women. The quality of the products along with their ethics gives good reason to choose Urban Decay as this month’s brand.

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