February 2019 Blog of the Month: SUPERNOVABEAUTY


By Nova
Nova - Supernovabeauty

Describe your blog in fifteen words or less:
My blog is all about beauty and nails, with weekly tutorials and reviews.

Why did you start your blog?
Just over two years ago I got into makeup in a BIG way. I had always been interested in makeup, always wearing most of the basics, but I had really only been limited to purchasing from the drugstore because I was an undergraduate “starving” student. I never really had a chance to experiment or be creative with makeup beyond the basics. However, after my degree finished I had a bit more leeway with money, and I suddenly discovered that there was a whole world of makeup out there, including high end which is really my favourite tier of makeup now. During my introduction to this world, I didn’t have a lot of friends to talk to about makeup, so I would watch Youtube constantly, which made me realize how big the online beauty community really is. Finally, I decided to take things into my own hands and start Supernovabeauty, so that I could join this growing community, and could share my love for beauty products too.

What do you love posting about on your blog?
I think that is a tie between eyeshadow looks and nail art. Every week I post an eyeshadow look of the week, or an eyeshadow palette review. Eyeshadow is by far my favourite makeup item to play with, so I love featuring a different eyeshadow palette every week by sharing an eye look. I even used to do a Palette Roulette series where I would create at least 4 looks with a randomly selected palette, which helped me feature and rotate through older palettes that were potentially not getting as much attention (a series I intend to bring back shortly!) However, before my major obsession with makeup began, I had always been obsessed with nails and nail art, and that has now become a prominent feature on my blog. Every week I post a new nail art mani with details on the products used and how I created it!

What is your favourite post?
Recently I created a Chanel-inspired manicure that I think is the most impressive mani that I have created to date. This mani not only included a matte quilted design, but also gold studding, gold chains and pearl details! Talk about extra! You can check it out in all its glory here.

What is your #1 tip for others looking to start a beauty blog?
Honestly, just do it. If it is something that you think you might want to do, go ahead and get started. There’s always going to be an excuse to not. Why not just go for it. I think if you are someone who feels some trepidation about starting a blog because you want it to be perfect from the get-go, I’m here to tell you it won’t be. When I look back at my older posts, I definitely cringe. It’s unavoidable. The honest truth is that yes, you are making yourself vulnerable by expressing yourself to the public, and creating content that perhaps isn’t perfect, but that’s ok. Perfect isn’t relatable anyways and your readers will thank you for being uniquely you. Don’t worry about being judged. Just do it. With that being said, do it knowing it is going to be a ton of work. I often put at least 4 hours into a blog post. From staging photos, creating makeup looks, selecting photos, editing photos, writing the blog post and editing to the whole thing, the time and effort really adds up. Blogging is often glamorized or made out to be an easy job or hobby. This blog has easily been the most laborious hobby of my life. But I enjoy it, and that’s why I continue. It’s a labour of love, baby!

So check out Nova’s blog, you won’t regret it! Go to SUPERNOVABEAUTY!

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