September 2017 Featured Brand: wet n wild

wet n wild beauty

wet n wild is one of the most recognized brands in the beauty community. They are the brand many novice and advanced make up lovers and artists turn to. In fact, to many people, it is the first beauty brand they dive into likely due to the inexpensive price, wide availability, and huge range of colour. They pride themselves on having a wide range of colour for every age, skin tone and economic status. That’s just one of the many things that makes their brand so popular!

While the products are fantastic, the company is passionate about their impact too. Over the 30+ years they have been creating stellar products, they have been cruelty-free, and even fight to eradicate animal testing. They are a staple brand for many animal lovers because of this, and their large range of vegan products to choose from. With some seriously beautiful and seriously inexpensive products under their belt, wet n wild is a go to for so many people in North America.

They are no secret n the beauty community either. The wet n wild Colour Icon eyeshadows and blushes are always a topic, as are their new collections like the Midnight Mermaid coming this fall, or their new products like the Photo Focus Foundation line (with 20+ shades, might I add). It”s no shock that the Canadian Beauty Bloggers want to recognize wet n wild as the brand of the month this September!